How to choose a wedding photographer

If you’re one of the many thousands of couples who are currently planning their wedding you have probably already realised the hundreds of decisions you are faced with. Now, I’m no wedding planner myself but I can offer a bit of advice for choosing a photographer. Read on for my top five tips to pick a good photographer.

Research their style of photography

Does the photographers’ website show the kind of images that you’d like to have taken at your wedding? Do the couples look comfortable in those images? It sounds obvious but if you have a set style of wedding photography in mind for your images then make sure your shortlist of photographers all fit that style. Ask a photographer to see one or two of their whole weddings before making a final choice.

Meet your photographer before booking them

Does a photographer offer to have a meet up with you and your partner before you can book him or her? If they do, take them up on the offer! It’ll help you realise very quickly if they are someone that you’d like to spend time with at one of the most personal days of your life. If you’ve already met up before the big day then it’s one less thing to think about when your wedding does finally roll around. Pick someone you’d like to have at your wedding.

Ask questions before booking your photographer

Lots of photographers’ websites will already have a FAQ section which will answer some of your questions but don’t be afraid to ask for more detail on topics already covered. If something is not covered that you’d like to know about then just ask. A great photographer will tell all and answer every reasonable question you have.

Product range

Does a photographer have the kind of product included in their prices that you’d like to get from them? For example; will you get your high-resolution images on a USB stick? Will the photographer create a photo book or album for you? Do you need prints included in the price? It might be a good idea to select someone who already produces the kind of items you’d like to see rather than hope they will test new products out using your images.


Do any of your potential photographers have reviews on their Facebook/ Google Business pages or client recommendations on their website? Word of mouth recommendations are great if you can get them from your friends and families, but if not – have a look and see what people are saying about a photographer online.

If you love what you see then get in touch to tell me about your wedding and we can work out if we’re a good fit!