Wedding Photography Offer

I’m launching this wedding photography offer because, let’s be honest, the first half of 2020 has SUCKED. Don’t get me wrong, there have been a few positives about life during Covid-19 lockdown but, we all can’t wait to get back to normal right? I want to see my family and friends face-to-face, not on Zoom (as fun as that has been!) The economy is taking a battering and the wedding industry is no exception. All the amazing weddings I was due to shoot this year, bar one, have been postponed to at least next year which has meant a lot of brainstorming about my sources of income and I’ll admit it, a wee bit of panic too. The vulnerabilities of being 100% self-employed have been laid bare during this coronavirus crisis. But hey, I’m not one to let the panic take over and so have a brand new wedding photography offer to roll out for all you good-folk who are planning a wedding in Scotland…

Every wedding that gets booked in with me over the next few months (whether the wedding takes place in 2021, 2022 or even this year) will automatically get my £500 album option included for free. These incredible books are handmade in Scotland and are worth every penny so I’m excited to make these available to you at no extra cost. It might mean that you have an extra £500 to put towards a honeymoon/ or £500 to spend elsewhere on the wedding/ or just put back in the bank for a rainy day! So in short, you get either The Big Hoolie package + album for £1500 instead of £2000 and The Wee Hoolie package + album for £1000 instead of £1500. The Hoolie of The Year package already has the album included so that price comes down to £2250.

Album details

  • Hand-crafted right here in Scotland
  • 10×12″ size
  • 25 double page spreads – about 60 to 80 images
  • ‘lay flat’ pages
  • linen or leather covers
  • laser-engraved or embossed personalised text on the cover
  • will last a lifetime with proper care

I will let this offer run until I have a good block of bookings so don’t leave it too long to send me an email and tell me about your wedding plans! Next year I will probably raise my prices a wee bit (my normal practice for the start of the year) so to lock in these 2020 prices and the special offer get in touch via the contact form below. To bag your date with me you’ll just need to sign my short contract online and pay a 33% deposit.

Who the heck am I anyway?

Some bits n bobs about me:

  • I’m mad about bicycles, both fixing them up and riding them
  • I’m mad about my girls! (should’ve put that first – see picture for cuteness)
  • Dogs are my bag, but cats are pretty cool too I guess
  • I once took a photo of St Kilda that the Clydesdale Bank used on their £5 note
  • The best food on Earth is quite clearly a yum-yum. Or, a curry from Shapla on Easter Road
  • The best stag-do I’ve ever been on was a cycling weekend to Islay to camp by a beach and sample as many of the local whiskies as possible. Magic!
  • During lockdown I’ve watched 6 seasons of The Office (US version) Dwight Shrute for President!
  • I flipping love photographing weddings.

Album offer contact form

Take five minutes to tell me all about what you’re planning for your wedding/ some stuff about you and your partner/ the kind of wedding photography you love, etc and then have a big old chocolate biscuit reward.

Some awesome weddings