Wedding Albums


There’s no better way to enjoy the photographs from your amazing wedding day than seeing them in print in a photobook. These beauties are handmade in Scotland and will last a lifetime. Sure you can scroll through the photos on your phone or on a computer screen but the power of a book commands your attention as you turn the pages to see the next stage of the story.

Image of wedding album by edinburgh wedding photographer John SInclair


I photograph all my weddings with a book in mind, whether or not a couple have ordered one upfront. At a wedding the story of the day unfolds in front of my camera for me to document and when it comes to laying out one of these albums it’s a really enjoyable process to edit those images into a strong narrative of the day. I stick on the tunes and relive the day, usually with a big smile on my face!

All the albums I offer are 10×12″ in size (so a little bit larger than an A4 piece of paper – and small enough to handle easily!) and have a range of finishing options, from various colours of linen and leather bound covers to laser-engraved or metallic embossed covers. The standard option has 25 double page spreads but additional pages can be added for an extra cost. They all come in a protective cotton bag, with a personalised presentation box – so you can keep it safe when you’re not fawning over it – and all are delivered with eco-friendly biodegradable bubble-wrap packaging.


Wedding album prices start at £500 and can be added to your chosen package if it’s not already included. They can also be bought at a later date, there’s no obligation to commit to an album before your wedding. In some cases, like Sue and Ian’s album below, I’ll make one up seven years after the wedding day! I’m here, and happy, to help you get the most from your wedding photography investment. Your descendants many years from now will be able to look back at this book and see your wedding day, I’m not sure a USB of images or digital files on a computer drive would be guaranteed to last the same amount of time.

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