How it all works...

As your photographer it’s my job to get as many awesome images of the day and make sure the photography is stress-free and enjoyable. You’ve spent a lot of time planning and designing the look and feel of your wedding and I want to catch all of that detail and atmosphere in the pictures that will be your record of the day. 

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Getting booked in

Once you’ve decided that I’m the chappy you want to shoot your wedding all you have to do is sign an online contract and pay a 25% deposit to bag the date as yours. Check out this sample contract here to see what you’d be signing up to.
After you’ve made a booking we can keep in touch by email (but WhatsApp seems a bit more immediate and less faff these days so that’s quite popular with my couples) right up until your wedding day just to make sure timings and locations are all sorted out. I have a wee questionnaire that I send people a week or so before their wedding which captures some info about your other wedding suppliers, parents names, bridesmaid/bestman names, etc which all helps keep me right on the day!

On the day

I’ll turn up sharp and will be turned out in my glad-rags which will usually be shirt and trewz and sometimes a tie.  I definitely WON’T turn up in double denim, fear ye not…well, not unless you’re Canadian and that’s the theme of your wedding of course. And from there I’ll just shoot away and get all the best shots of the day. 

At some point after your ceremony we’ll spend 20 minutes or so getting a few shots of the two of you and any posing you’ll do will be simple, quick and feel totally natural. I always try and recce a venue for nice backdrops for these shots so there’s no faffing on the day. And once we have some great shots you’ll be back to the best party of your lives before your guests even notice you’re gone. 

While you all tuck into your meal I will go and find a quiet spot to eat something too/ recharge my inner battery and also have a quick whizz through the cameras and review what I’ve already shot.

At the evening reception I’ll stick around to at least the agreed time and will only ever leave if I feel I’ve got plenty of ace party shots (and had enough cake. I love wedding cake).
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After the wedding

The day after your wedding, I’ll zap over a few preview images so you can swoon over how great you both looked. 4-6 weeks later you’ll get a link to an online proofing gallery. This is when you pay the balance (not before the wedding) And once you’ve done that you get all your high resolution images – no watermarks, no hidden extras to pay.
If you have one of the photobook/ album options as with your package you’ll pick 60-80 images to go in the book. I’ll then create a snazzy layout for you which you will get to see and make changes to before I order the book. 
That’s a very quick overview of how it all works but if there’s anything else you need to know check out my FAQs here

Ready to take the next step?

Let’s meet up* and have a chat through anything else you’d like to know about my wedding photography services AND you can tell me all about what you’re planning for the day. Usually these meet-ups give you and me a pretty good idea about whether or not I’ll be a good fit for your wedding and I guarantee 100% that I don’t do any hard selling  – I just like to find out what you’re both like! Get in touch now via this big green button…

*during any sort of covid-19 related lockdowns, these will be online chats on something like Zoom or Skype, whatever suits you!

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